Dirty Dog Artisan Dog Soap - After the Rayne Handcrafted Soaps - 1

Dirty Dog Artisan Dog Soap

$ 7.00

Bow wow wow, yippie yo yippe yeah!

Wanna know what's totally cool about this?  It's a soap for your dog.  Whaaat?   Like, I know.  It's so awesome.  Just wet the soap, rub it directly on their fur and set aside.  Lathers up tremendously and your dog will love all the scratching he will get.

Rinse off with water and all the suds wash off squeaky clean!  Neem oil is so wonderful on their skin as well as helping to keep nasty bugs away!  Made with pure essential oils, your pup will be feelin' fly and smelling so good.  You'll even let them on the bed!  No wet dog smell here. 

 And what's really friggin amazing about this soap is that people can use it too!  Yeah, don't freak if you happen to be in the shower and start sudsing up.  It's totally cool man.  No worries!

Created while rocking to: "Atomic Dog" - George Clinton

Essential Oils of: Cedarwood, Organic Basi, Organic Patchouli, Organic Lemon Tea Tree, Organic Catnip

Added ingredients: Neem Oil, Activated Charcoal


    Do not use on cats.