Rock the Box Gift Set

$ 30.00

Want to be like John Cusack in "Say Anything"  Instead of holding a boom box over your head, why not carry a Rock the Box Gift Set to the one you love!  Makes a great gift for friends and family when you think you've run out of ideas.  Or, keep it for yourself and use the gift box for someone else!

Perfect if you want to sample a variety or give away some and keep the rest.  I won't tell, I pinky promise!

Each Rock the Box Gift Set contains one of my Awesome Artisan Soaps, Bangin' Bubble Bath Bomb, Legit Lotion Bar, a rad, handmade in the USA Pine Soap Deck and a super cool, totally bitchin' ,colorful Soap Saver.  AND an MTV Button!  I know! Right?  The button alone makes the whole box worth it to buy!

Make it all one scent, or mix and match to your heart's content.

Choose your Soap Saver Color and Scent, then move that mouse over and add it to your cart.

To create a rockin' mix box, just click your Soap Saver color and Custom Scent and tell me which scents you want at checkout in the note box.


Are you a realtor looking for a wicked housewarming gift?  Duh, this is IT!  

Direct Sales Marketers looking for hostess gifts.  Like, you know?  This is totally awesome!  You can't go wrong with a box like this!


Soap Saver Color
Electric Blue
Hot Pink
Gift Set